Postive Patient Feedback

TRA – Gig Harbor: I appreciate that everything was sanitized before my eyes.

TRA – Lakewood: The nurses were all professional and wonderful. In these trying times they treated me respectfully and explained everything thoroughly.

TRA – Lakewood: Very professional and compassionate especially in this rare time. I appreciate all your efforts!

TRA Olympia – on Lilly: My appt was during the covid 19 outbreak, I felt that everyone I dealt with took cleanliness and safety of myself and them very seriously. Felt safe and customer service was great. The tech who did my MRI was wonderful as well. Caring and nice.

TRA Olympia – on Lilly: The staff was extremely responsive to the needs of safety due to the corona virus. Bleach water used to clean chairs as patients left, 6 ft rule with masks and gloves were used! Thank you for working on the front lines!!!

TRA Olympia – on Lilly: Thank you for your care during this time.

TRA Tacoma – on Union: Everyone very helpful and upbeat during these difficult times

TRA Tacoma – on Union: Super friendly and apologized that everything smelled like bleach but I was very happy everything did! Super clean, seemed super safe during this trying time.

TRA Tacoma – on Union: I like the fact that they made everyone wear a mask when you enter the clinic

TRA Tacoma – on Union: The screening and safe distance procedures for Covid-19 were excellent. I had an MRI and tend to get claustrophobic, and they were wonderful giving me time to relax before sliding me in!

TRA Tacoma – on Union: Appreciated the precautions the staff took during COVID-19 pandemic to safeguard patients during office visits.

TRA Tacoma – on Union: Appreciated the effort to minimize infected patients inot the facility. Ans also the social spacing setup.

TRA Tacoma – on Union: I appreciate the Covid-19 precautions all staff were implementing.

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