TRA Shoe Drive

August 1 - September 30

Visit any outpatient imaging location of TRA Medical Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging Northwest, or Carol Milgard Breast Center until September 30 to donate new shoes for youth and teens in your community.

Studies have shown that the lack of adequate proper fitting shoes for children can be a disadvantage to them and a visible sign of poverty that creates a negative impact to their peer-acceptance and academic/ physical performance. Children who wear worn out, ill-fitting, or off-brand shoes are often ignored, teased, bullied, and even victimized. Children who experience these circumstances can develop frustration, low self-esteem, depression, anger, and violence. Consequently, studies also show that proper fitting shoes can have a positive impact on the lives of many children’s peer-acceptance and overall physical and academic performance.

TRA's goal is to help provide a positive impact to youth and teens in our community by providing new shoes for those in need. Help us support our community by donating new shoes at any of our outpatient imaging locations.

For more information, contact Crystal Clear at