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At TRA, we CARE about the people – our employees, our providers, our patients, our healthcare partners and the communities we serve. We are an employee-centric organization that believes that as long as we foster a strong company culture built on high trust we will thrive. As we continue to grow, our focus on our culture remains front and center. Check out our core values and see if this sounds like a good fit for you.

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We are excited to bring on new teammates that have a passion for serving patients and embody the spirit of our guiding principle – Patients come first.

A Day in the Life at TRA

See what our employees are saying about saying!


Employee-Led Committees

We believe that when employees have a voice they are engaged, and engaged employees are happy employees. At TRA we offer a variety of employee-led committees that offer team members at all levels the opportunity to get involved in the things they care about.

  • Fun Committee – The Fun Committee, well, it’s just that! Fun! This employee-led committee is a sub-committee to the Culture Committee and is responsible for brainstorming and organizing events for the organization that appeal to a wide range of interests. From paintball excursions, Goat Yoga, Trivia Night and karaoke, our Fun Committee does a great job of bringing us all together for a good time.
  • Culture Committee – The Culture Committee is responsible for generating ideas to plan, promote and drive a culture of high trust, fun and collegiality throughout TRA. Our Culture Committee is comprised of employees at all levels and locations. Supported by the CEO, this committee is really a grassroots effort to build an enriching culture within our organization. We are always looking for teammates with fresh ideas and enthusiasm for continuing to make this a Great Place to Work.
  • Community Service Committee – Want to give back to the community but aren’t sure how? We have a committee for that. Our Customer Service Committee partners with local non-profits and organizations who offer volunteer opportunities. Service activities range from organizing donation drives to volunteering out in the community.
  • Health & Wellness Committee – Have a passion for holistic health? Join our Health & Wellness Committee where the focus is on health-related topics and activities that benefit overall wellness. This committee has been responsible for organizing company-wide wellness challenges, featured hikes, and educational information centered on awareness months, weeks and days.
  • Safety Committee – The Health and Safety Committee promotes an environment of health and safety for our employees, patients, and visitors. Some roles of the safety committee include: promoting safe work practices, conducting regular site inspections, reviewing safety incident reports for corrective action, and implementing health and safety awareness programs. Safety representatives are in place at each site to educate staff and encourage employee feedback in regards to safety.

Events at TRA

Our teams are spread out in locations over the south Puget Sound, so we like to find a reason to bring everyone together. Whether it’s a Day at the Park with our families at a Rainier’s game, our annual company party, or one of our smaller monthly gatherings (think Trivia Night, Paint Night, BBQ & Karaoke), we like to make sure we have the opportunity to gather to have some fun with our coworkers.


Why We Love TRA…

“From day one, I was made to feel like I was joining one big happy family. Each day only gets better and better.”

“We all share the same passion for caring for our patients.”

“I really like my boss and the support and flexibility she provides me. She trusts me to get my job done, and I know she has my back.”

“A lot of my coworkers here truly are family. And I am truly able to be myself here which I have yet to find at any other place I’ve worked.”

“TRA keeps up with the continuous changes in healthcare, and promotes positive change for the future.”

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