Dr. William B. Jackson

Dr. William B. Jackson joined TRA in 1972 when there were six other partners. He was president of the Washington State Radiology Society in 1984, Pierce County Medical Society in their Centennial year in 1988, Chief of Staff at Tacoma General Hospital, Puget Sound Hospital, and was president of TRA for 17 years. He was fortunate to have known or practiced with many of the earlier radiologists. Dr. Jackson developed a strong interest in the history of medicine in Pierce County and particularly radiology. A great deal of our history is preserved in the archives of the Washington State Archives, PCMS bulletins and other material. What is preserved in the archives online is the History of Radiology in Pierce County, which Dr. Jackson completed and made available when he retired in 2008. Additionally, he supplemented his research with an addendum that covered from 2008 to 2018.

Dr. Jackson’s Publications:

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