Executive Leadership Team

TRA Medical Imaging’s executive leadership team has years of experience in all aspects of practice management and medical facilities operations. The executive team believes that people are the key to continued success. To lead by example, they encourage constructive innovation from the staff and set high standards for themselves and the rest of the TRA Medical Imaging team. Competent, supportive leadership is a leading factor to our success, and one of the reasons TRA has enjoyed a reputation of excellence for over 100 years.

If you would like to reach a member of our Executive team, please call (253) 761-4200, option 1.

Douglas P. Seiler, MD
President, Radiologist

Jeffrey R. Wesolowski, MD, MHSA

Jeffrey Wesolowski, MD, MHSA
Vice President, Radiologist

Jason S. Jacob, MD

Jason Jacob, MD
Treasurer, Radiologist

Daniel Verdini, MD

Daniel Verdini, MD
Secretary, Radiologist

Chris Coates
Chief Executive Officer

Executive Leadership Team 9

Jen Yahne
Chief Operations Officer

Executive Leadership Team 7

Sean Patten
Director of Information Technology

Executive Leadership Team 10

Alex Cope
Director of Finance

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