Our Culture: a Poem

“Fighting” by Shelby Williams

We meet people every day,
There are some we only see once,
Some we see, just to say “Hi” as they wave through the doorway,
Then there are some we see every three months.

We get to know these people,
And what goes on in their lives,
We feel their need for freedom in circumstances less than ideal,
Hoping beyond hope that the next scan ends in high fives.

We cannot begin to guess how the next person might impact us,
We maintain our smile and compassion and the comfort it provides,
All the while trying to make them comfortable in the process we discuss,
As we witness the fear trembling in their eyes.

There are some we see,
Out of the confines of a medical office,
Some approach us and tell us how well they are doing with glee,
Then there are others, who we recognize, but are cautious.

There are some patients who have lost their hair,
But are still fighting really hard,
Then there are some who are just starting to lose it, and feel bare,
Or try to hide the fresh scars.

We know, all too often how this journey can become personal,
We want something that will work, something that is proven,
We keep it together to stay professional,
However, how can it not affect us as humans?

I would like to think, we leave our fingerprints on each and every one of them,
But I believe, THEY leave their fingerprints on each and every one of us.

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