Administrative Consultant & Project Manager

The Administrative Consultant & Project Manager position is focused on Project Management, but will also be expected to perform administrative tasks in support of the Leadership team. This position is responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of a project to ensure it is completed on-time and within budget. The role has overall responsibility for managing scope, cost, schedule, internal staffing, outside vendors, and contractual deliverables. Prepares reports for upper management regarding status of project. This position will interact with many executive tiers and will need to be aware of the need to deal with certain groups in a more formal way. There will be unique situations, such as complying with medical codes and protocols that will need to be considered for certain projects. The position will be responsible for leading initiatives across all departments of the company and will need to be versed in the particular needs of each group. The position will lead several efforts in parallel requiring excellent organizational skills. To successfully achieve objectives, the incumbent will work in partnership with clinical and administrative leadership to help drive decisions. Responsible for creating systems and processes to streamline overall company processes. Identify issues and offer solutions, manage teams and delegate tasks.