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TRA Medical Imaging is pleased to offer EMR interface integration to referring providers who are interested in a higher level of connectivity with our radiology practice. By interfacing with TRA Medical Imaging, referring providers will receive imaging results directly into their electronic medical records as soon as they are available.

Benefits of Interfacing
  • Replaces faxed or mailed reports with secure electronic transfers of patient sensitive data.
  • Imaging results are submitted electronically, automatically and in real-time, directly into the patient’s chart.
  • Incentives are available to eligible providers who are in compliance with Meaningful Use. 
  • Improves response time and quality of care for patients.
  • TRA will work with your EMR vendor to negotiate costs associated with building the initial connection. 

TRA Medical Imaging Integration Experience
TRA has worked with a variety of EMR vendors to successfully integrate with many practices in the communities we serve, such as:
  • Amazing Charts
  • Athena
  • Axcesson
  • Care 360
  • digiCharts
  • DocLinks
  • EClinical Works
  • gMed
  • Macro MD
  • Noteworthy

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the integration cost will my practice be responsible for?
Interface integration costs will vary depending on your EMR vendor. TRA does not charge a fee for this service.

What other fees are associated with setting up an EMR interface?
EMR vendors typically charge an initial fee to set up connectivity. Additional costs can include an annual maintenance fee. This fee is different for each vendor and will be spelled out in the EMR Software Interface Agreement provided by your vendor.

What is the standard project timeline?
The timeline to establish an interface connection is approximately six weeks, but depends on the availability of TRA resources and your EMR vendor’s resources.

Interested in an EMR Interface?

Please fill out the form below and include the following required information in the comments section:

1. Your practice Name
2. Clinic Contact
3. EMR Vendor
4. EMR Vendor Contact
5. EMR Vendor Contact information (e-mail and/or phone number)

Once submitted, the CIO for TRA Medical Imaging will reach out to the EMR vendor and outline the scope of the project. Before any connectivity is established, you will receive a Software Interface Agreement from TRA Medical Imaging outlining the terms of the agreement. Please review it, sign and date it, and return it to your TRA Marketing Specialist, or fax it to: (253) 680-3557.

Please note: this is not a secure email form. To protect your privacy, please do not send personal information via email. Please call us at (866) 761-4200 and press 0.