Neuroradiology MRI Protocols

The following protocols are an updated list of the Neuroradiology MRI protocols for all of the MRI sites at which TRA Medical Imaging is responsible for the administration, quality and interpretation of Neuroradiology MRI examinations. The protocols were changed in an attempt to standardize the sequences performed at each of the sites and to reflect changes within the radiology literature as to what is considered standard of care. These protocols were discussed and agreed upon by members of the Neuroradiology section within TRA Medical Imaging. Based on scanning times at TRA Union, these protocols are all less than 45 minutes in length with exclusion of the Peds spine cases. It is recognized that not all of the magnets within our system will be able to perform some of the new sequences or techniques. These protocols are divided into 4 sections: Brain, Head and Neck, Neurovascular and Spine.



Ventricular Size Screening MR (TGH)

Trauma Brain MR

Seizure Epilepsy Brain WO

Seizure Epilepsy Brain w Contrast

Routine Pediatric Brain less than 18y WO

Routine Pediatric Brain less than 18y w Contrast

Routine Pediatric Brain less than 1y WO

Routine Pediatric Brain less than 1y w Contrast

Routine Adult Brain MR WO

Routine Adult Brain w Contrast

Multiple Sclerosis WO

Multiple Sclerosis w Contrast

Headframe Fiducial Preoperative Brain w Contrast

Deep Brain Stimulator WO (SJMC ONLY)

Deep Brain Stimulator w Contrast (SJMC ONLY)

Head and Neck

Trigeminal Neuralgia WO

Trigeminal Neuralgia w Contrast

Screening IAC

Pituitary Mass WO

Pituitary Mass w Contrast

Pituitary Endocrine WO

Pituitary Endocrine w Contrast

Orbits_Brain WO

Orbits_Brain w Contrast

Orbits Only WO

Orbits Only w Contrast

Internal Auditory Canals WO

Internal Auditory Canals w Contrast

General Neck WO

General Neck w Contrast

Cranial Nerve WO

Cranial Nerve w Contrast




Neck MRA w Contrast


Head MRV w Contrast


Total Spine WO

Total Spine w Contrast

Thoracic Spine WO

Thoracic Spine w Contrast

Peds Tethered Cord Spine WO

Peds Tethered Cord Spine w Contrast

Peds Screening Spine for Syrinx in Chiari l

Peds Screening Spine for Drop Mets

Peds Scoliosis Spine

Peds Neurofibromatosis Spine

Lumbar Spine WO

Lumbar Spine w Contrast

Lumbar Plexus WO

Lumbar Plexus w Contrast

Cervical Spine WO

Cervical Spine w Contrast

Craniocervical Junction Protocol

Brachial Plexus WO

Brachial Plexus w Contrast

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