TRA Medical Imaging Foundation Awards 6 Scholarships

Tacoma Community College students stepping into the career of medical imaging are being awarded financial assistance and mentoring.

TRA Medical Imaging Foundation Awards 6 Scholarships

The TRA Medical Imaging Foundation is pleased to announce that it has accepted six Tacoma Community College students (Class of 2023) into the Foundation’s Scholarship program, three students in their first year of the Radiologic Technology program and three students in their first year of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. The TRA Scholarship program provides financial scholarships to assist scholars through their two year program.

I am a graduate of the TCC ultrasound program. I look forward to working with the students to help them achieve their goals. I am proud to be a part of the TRA mentoring team.”

— Amanda Haggland, Ultrasound Technologist, TRA Medical Imaging

Additionally, the scholars participate in the TRA Foundation’s Mentorship Program. The uniqueness of the TRA Foundation Mentorship Program adds to the value of the scholarship award by offering students a non-evaluative opportunity to tap into existing knowledge, skills, and experience of TRA’s Radiologists, Technologists and leadership to learn, brainstorm, problem solve and network. The mentoring provides for monthly 1-1 meetings and group sessions to allow for interaction and collaboration. In addition, a job shadowing component is available for students to work side-by-side with a technologist and to experience different work settings.

As the TRA Medical Imaging Foundation grows, it is our goal to expand more education and opportunities in CT, MRI, and Mammography, to create jobs, address the workforce shortage, and impact the quality of healthcare services in our community.

To meet all of our scholars click here. To read more about the scholarship application visit

About the TRA Medical Imaging Foundation: Located in Tacoma, WA, The TRA Medical Imaging Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit entity, was created with the mission and vision to be an exemplary community partner in promoting better health and wellbeing now and for future generations. Through the generosity of a giving community and philanthropic support of caring and committed donors, TRA Medical Imaging Foundation works to “give back” by supporting and promoting advancements in healthcare and education for those with whom they share this beautiful region. Visit:
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