CT Cardiac Calcium Scoring

CT Cardiac Calcium Scoring is a non-invasive procedure which evaluates the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries. This quick CT scan of your chest is designed to detect Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and to what extent. This score is compared against the national average for people of the same age and ethnic groups. A low calcium score indicates little risk of heart attack. A high score can be lifesaving by alerting you and your medical provider to the presence of heart disease and the need for further evaluation.

What to Expect

When you have an imaging exam at TRA you can expect skilled, personal care every step of the way. Before your exam, a CT technologist will review your medical and allergy history and answer any questions you may have. Your comfort during the CT is our top priority, so a technologist will be available to you throughout your exam.

A Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring is a quick, 15 minute exam. The technologist will position you on your back on the scanning table. Electrodes will be attached to your chest and to an electrocardiograph (ECG) machine that records the electrical activity of the heart. This makes it possible to capture diagnostic quality images when the heart is not actively contracting.  The scanning table will slowly move you into the machine where the CT scanner will take a series of images. You will be asked to hold your breath for a period of 10 to 20 seconds while the images are recorded. A special computer program processes the image data to create two-dimensional cross-sectional images of your body, which are then displayed on a monitor.

How to Prepare

Patients should not participate in vigorous exercise for 24 hours prior to their test. You may eat and take medications as normal. Our staff will inform you of the preparation instructions and your appointment check-in time prior to your exam.

Please arrive in comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Your technologist may still ask you to change into a gown as this exam requires our technologist to place three leads on the chest for the duration of the exam. Women may be asked to remove their bra for this purpose.

Insurance Coverage

When ordered as a screening exam most insurances do not cover it. If you have an insurance that includes this study in their coverage, we will bill your insurance. For patients who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover this exam, TRA Medical Imaging offers Calcium Scoring for $149, due at the time of service when ordered as a screening exam.

Calcium CT Scoring Insurance Coverage

Please note: In some cases your provider may order this as a diagnostic exam in which case most insurances will cover it.

Where is Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring Offered?

Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring is offered at the following locations:

How to Make an Appointment

Most often your referring physician will schedule an appointment for you. If you have been asked to schedule the appointment yourself, please call (253) 761-4200 or (866) 761-4200, option 2.

Please remember, TRA requires a signed order from your physician for a Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring. This order can be faxed to (253) 761-4201 or presented at the time of your appointment.

More Information on this Exam

For more information on Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring please visit: https://www.radiologyinfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=ct_calscoring

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