Welcome Dr. Merritt

TRA is excited to welcome Dr. Bryce Merritt to our team of sub-specialized radiologists!

Bryce Merritt, MD 1

Fresh from his training at the University of California – San Francisco, Dr. Merritt completed his fellowship training in Abdominal Imaging and Ultrasound, specializing in Cardiothoracic Imaging (CT).

Dr. Merritt chose to become a radiologist after his exposure to the field as an undergraduate engaging in MR research. All the time spent looking at images clearly made a tremendous impact on his future career choice. He specifically loves playing a vital part in the management of so many patients, and enjoys serving as a consultant to referring colleagues. “Radiologists reside at the center of the healthcare system. It’s an honor to serve in that role,” says Dr. Merritt.

After seeing many of the radiologists he admires join TRA, Dr. Merritt was delighted at the thought of following them on a similar path. He wanted to be part of a practice that offers high-quality care for a diverse patient population in an atmosphere of collegiality and professionalism.

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