TRA Welcomes Jeremy Cardinal, MD

Jeremy Cardinal, MDDr. Cardinal joins the Neuroradiology section

TRA Medical Imaging, one of the largest sub-specialized radiology practices in Washington, welcomes Jeremy Cardinal, MD to its Neuroradiology section.

Dr. Cardinal recently completed fellowship training in Neuroradiology at Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN. This fellowship entails one year of advanced study in neuroimaging including brain, spine, head and neck.

“His experience and knowledge in the area of neuroradiology will benefit our patients and their health care providers,” said Douglas P. Seiler, MD, head Neuroradiologist at TRA Medical Imaging.

In addition to his recent fellowship, Dr. Cardinal graduated from Medical College or Georgia in Augusta, GA, and completed residency at Indiana University.

“I am delighted to join a radiology practice with a diverse number of medical specialists,” Dr. Cardinal said. “This model allows each physician to focus on their specialty,” he said.

TRA Medical Imaging provides sub-specialized radiology services, including neuroradiology services, throughout south Puget Sound serving eight area hospitals in the MultiCare and Franciscan health systems, 11 TRA operated outpatient imaging centers and numerous medical offices.

About TRA Medical Imaging

TRA Medical Imaging is the community’s trusted source for convenient diagnostic imaging throughout the south Puget Sound. We are a local partnership of sub-specialized radiologists providing high quality, patient-centered care since 1943. TRA has combined compassionate, individualized care with leading-edge technology to offer the highest expertise and quality in medical imaging. Our radiology physicians, technologists, and staff provide our referring physicians and patients with excellence in care.

TRA Medical Imaging provides over 700,000 interpretations annually within eight hospitals and for eleven TRA operated outpatient imaging centers. TRA has a long, collaborative history of working with virtually all insurance providers operating within Washington, and offers low, out-of-pocket exam costs, as well as generous financial assistance to eligible patients.

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